Best autosurfs to increase traffic

With autosurfs also known as Traffic exchange, you have a simple and efficient way in order to increase the number of visitor, here you will find an autosurf list to gain visits : time duration, hide referer, bounce reduction rate, ...

Autosurf Free Surf Timer Websites
App 10 à 600 seconds 3
App 5 à 500 seconds 3
App/Browser 10 à 300 seconds 2
App/Browser 8 à 165 seconds unlimited (10 by day)
Nice autosurf
App/Browser 10 à 60 seconds unlimited (15 by day)
App 10 à 30 seconds unlimited (15 by day)

What is a free autosurf?

I consider that an autosurf is free when at least 70% of its features (referer, custom timer, app, ...) is available for free without paying anything!

You just have to be active, I mean surf with the autosurf's viewer (in order to visit members' websites) which allow to earn points or credits in order to increase your traffic or gain other bonus.

The importance of the length of a visit?

Today, autosurfs are able to offer different display durations for your sites, it can be fixed or random. With a random duration, we choose two times expressed in seconds usually, for example, if I choose 35 and 140 seconds, the autosurf viewer will randomly select a duration between 35 and 140 seconds.

The interest? be able to simulate a more natural visit by an Internet user, in particular in the eyes of google, if you constantly receive visits of 10 seconds, these are clearly automatic visits, whereas visits lasting 45 then 55 then 124 seconds ..., it looks a lot less like automatic traffic! :)